Business Incubation for Service And Product Based Businesses, Driven By Technology. That's What We Do In One Sentence!


Apply To Our Program

Submit a detailed application online. When filling the application form, please provide as much detail as possible on your business/idea. Once received, a confirmation mail will be sent to you. Your application will then be reviewed by our team. If your we consider your idea disruptive and of high potential, we will definitely invite you for a chat.
Note: Only one application per founder team


Entrepreneurship Training

If eventually selected, the team will undergo a 1-month training module on entrepreneurship. The objective of this course is to provide the founders with the fundamental tools and skills required to further refine their business plan the revenue models of their businesses. Throughout the duration of the Accelerator class, Passion Incubator will facilitate a Founder’s Lecture series on key subject matter areas (e.g., e-commerce, leveraging social media, managing customer satisfaction e.t.c.)

 Business Development

During the last 2 months of the class, founder teams will be primarily focused on driving market traction across their various products. Key operations KPIs will be tracked to measure the performance of each founder team and their products. Founder teams get the opportunity to prove their ideas can become great businesses. We are an advocate of Lean Start-up Methodology.


Product development

The teams will spend the next 3 months working alongside Passion Incubator’s core technology team to develop a Minimum Viable Product. This phase of the program will leverage the LEAN Startup model and will provide the founders teams an opportunity to iterate on their products to identify an appropriate Product/Market fit.

Meet A Potential Investor

Throughout the duration of the accelerator class, founder teams will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to potential investors. Also, each founder team will be paired with mentor(s) with significant business development or startup experience. These mentors will help guide the founder teams through their journey from having an idea to building a business.

Your Idea, its Success. Our Passion!